Love in Exile

Emanuel Gregers, 1923, 103 min
In Horsens, the exiled Russian princess Elisabeth Antonovna is imprisoned. Though her existence is a sad one, two things in particular can cheer the princess up: stories about the cunning smuggler Madsalune, and flirting with her humble suitor, Lieutenant Johan Gordon. One fine day, the two joys merge into one, when it transpires that the lieutenant is in fact the smuggler Madsalune in disguise! The princess’ fortune is decided, or at least it almost is because the two lovers first have to smuggle the princess through thick walls and past an army of jailers.

The film is an adaptation of Carit Etlar’s novel about smuggling with the same name. This edition has two different endings: a happy one and a tragic one. In those days, it was common to create multiple endings. The unhappy ending was probably made specifically for the Russian audience, which had a taste for the tragic. The film only has Danish intertitles.