David Copperfield

A.W. Sandberg, 1922, 140 min
After ten happy childhood years, the life of David Copperfield takes an obscure turn. His mother passes away and a cruel stepfather crushes young Copperfield’s dreams and sends him to work in London. From here, the poor soul must fend for himself. Through the hard school of life, he experiences fun and tragedy, love and heartache, friendship, and deception, until he finally rediscovers his place with a dear friend from his happy childhood days.

The work is a film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ famous 1849 novel of the same name. Film director A.W. Sandberg made a name for himself at Nordisk Film with his large-scale film adaptations of Dickens’ works, including ‘Our Mutual Friend’, ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘Little Dorrit’. The set designs for these films were created by Carlo Jacobsen.

The film has Danish intertitles.