Great expectations

A.W. Sandberg, 1922, 113 min
A charitable childhood deed holds fateful consequences for poor Pip. An anonymous benefactor paves the way for Pip’s transformation and subsequent social ascent from peasant boy to gentleman. But he soon finds out that life among the upper-classes is no bed of roses, and Pip encounters a number of characters who shape his life for the better, and for the worse.

The work is a film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ famous 1861 novel of the same name. Film director A.W. Sandberg truly made a name for himself at Nordisk Film with his large-scale film adaptations of Dickens’ works, including ‘Our Mutual Friend’, ‘David Copperfield’ and ‘Little Dorrit’. The set designs for these films were created by Carlo Jacobsen.

Musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne.

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