The Adventures of Japhet I

Emanuel Gregers, 1922, 141 min
The infant Japhet Newman is left on the steps of the orphanage. He grows up here and becomes a strong and cheerful lad who – together with his friend Tim – decides to go out into the world and find his father. The journey turns out to be unpredictable and full of adventures. They meet the secretive Melchior and join his tribe of gypsies, who roam from town to town. Here they make the acquaintance of Melchior and Queen Nattée’s daughter Fleta, and Japhet quickly becomes her faithful friend and protector. However, he never loses sight of his goal: He wants to find his father.

'The Adventures of Japhet' is the first film of the four-part series Japhet in Search of his Father, which was released in September and October 1922. The films are based on Captain Marryat’s two-volume work from 1836 – 'Mr Midshipman Easy' and 'Japhet, in Search of a Father' – and are inspired by other well-known works of the author. The main roles of Tim and Japhet are played by Carlo Wieth and Rasmus Christiansen respectively.

The film only has Danish subtitles.

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