The Adventures of Japhet IV

Emanuel Gregers, 1922, 71 min
Japhet is imprisoned and sentenced to death for a murder he never committed. Although he’s saved at the last minute, the hardships have taken their toll on him, and he’s broken in body and soul when they finally release him. Still, he gathers the strength to set out one last time to find his father. This time without Tim, whom he no longer dares to expose to the dangers of his quest. There are also obstacles ahead that will push Japhet completely into the abyss. By a happy coincidence, his old teacher, the pharmacist Mr. Cophagus finds him, takes him in and get him back on his feet. The sun shines again on the foundling Japhet, but will he ever find his father?

'The Goal Reached' is the fourth and last film of 'Japhet in Search of his Father', which was released in September and October 1922. The four films in the series are based on Captain Marryat’s two-volume work from 1836 – Mr Midshipman Easy and Japhet, in Search of a Father – and are inspired by other well-known works of the author. The main roles of Tim and Japhet are played by Carlo Wieth and Rasmus Christiansen respectively.

The film only has Danish subtitles.