The Adventures of Japhet II

Emanuel Gregers, 1922, 77 min
Two friends, Japhet and Tim, travel to London with the gypsy girl Fleta. There Japhet gains access to the bourgeoisie, where the gypsy queen Nattée had predicted he would find his father. Through a mysterious letter marked with the initials J.N., he gains insight into a harrowing family tragedy in which the highly regarded Lord Windermear played a certain role. However, it turns out that the initials on the letter belong to Lord Windermear’s nephew who, for various reasons, Japhet must now pretend to be. He finds new, faithful friends in social life, which benefits him when dark clouds suddenly gather over Japhet and Tim. An eerie, old country inn becomes the backdrop for a series of very dramatic events.

'The Inn at Mount Castle' is the second film of the four-part series 'Japhet in Search of his Father', which was released in September and October 1922. The films are based on Captain Marryat’s two-volume work from 1836 – 'Mr Midshipman Easy' and 'Japhet, in Search of a Father' – and are inspired by other well-known works of the author. The main roles of Tim and Japhet are played by Carlo Wieth and Rasmus Christiansen respectively.

The film only has Danish subtitles.

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