Don Quixote

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1925, 134 min
The poor landowner Don Quixote is obsessed with chivalric romances. One day he gets the idea that he must restore the order of the wandering knights and even ride out on horseback in full gear. He persuades a simple peasant Sancho Panza to act as a weapon bearer with a promise of royal rewards. Although this at first seems to be a long way off, the hard-working pair suddenly set about a task that can turn them into real knights.

Don Quixote is a film adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’s famous novel of the same name from the 17th century. The two main characters are played by the comedian duo Carl Schenstrøm and Harald Madsen, who had become world famous as Pat and Patachon. Filming Cervantes’s main work had been director Lauritzen’s big dream, and in Schenstrøm and Madsen he found the perfect protagonists for the project.

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