The World's Poison

Ubekendt, 1914, 43 min
FRAGMENT | A young sailor has to leave his fiancée behind when he is called out to sea. The night before he is to begin his journey home from a foreign port, a ball is held on his ship, and he is seduced by an exotic woman. He ends up in her oriental house and loses track of time so his ship sails without him. Desperate, he tries to reach his ship in a crate, but fails and ends up once again at the house of his mistress, where he now becomes a regular guest. Back home, his fiancée waits in vain for word of her beloved. Will he ever come home?

The film lacks intertitles, and there is some uncertainty about the production date and cast. The English title is a free translation of the Danish original. Read the archive notes, available for download below, for more information.

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