Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1929, 97 min
The long arm of the law is utterly powerless against the unusually cunning criminal Terry and his gang. Master detective Sherlock Holmes is on the case, but he might need some assistance. Pat and Patachon, who deals magazines in a small kiosk, get involved in the case by accident and ironically solves it by accident as well. The truth is right in front of their noses – but how long will it take the detectives to figure it out?

The film has Swedish intertitles with Danish subtitles.

The film is part of Lau Lauritzen Sr.’s popular Pat and Patachon series, which was Danish film’s biggest export success throughout the 1920s. The film was released again with sound in 1956 together with Strength and Beauty under the title Fuld af Fiduser (which translates as Full of Tricks).

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