The King of Pelicania

Valdemar Andersen, 1928, 73 min
Princess Lola has been exiled from her native Pelicania after one of her relatives usurped the throne. She is now the celebrated prima donna of the Revue Theatre, arousing rapturous applause from audiences night after night. However, the princess has her most devoted admirers behind the scenes. The young theatre doctor Ove Helmer loves her, and our two old friends, Pat and Patachon – one now a prompter at the theatre, the other a make-up artist – regard her with the warmest affection. When the princess finally gets the opportunity to return to her native Pelicania, Pat and Patachon are eager to come along to help her assert her position. As things progress, Patachon's striking resemblance to the country’s king has unexpected consequences.

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