The mannequins

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1929, 97 min
Pat and Patachon live in the attic of an old house along with a number of other curious kinds of people. One of the residents is a fortune teller, who tells Patachon that he will inherit a fortune and marry one of the two sweet choir girls who live next door, and whom he happens to be in love with. The two friends don’t think much more of it and instead head off to work, as models for a tailor. They stroll through the streets in sharp suits, in the hopes that the two choir girls will see them and think that they’re wealthy men, who simply live in the run-down house to study the bohemian lifestyle. As per usual, the two friends have to overcome numerous obstacles along the way, but both wealth and love await them at the end.

The film has Swedish intertitles with Danish subtitles.