The Roast Hare

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1921, 23 min
The Nokkesens have got themselves into a huge predicament. They’ve forgotten that the Spidsmejers are coming to dinner and expect roast hare. The Nokkesens have no hare to cook, and the game butcher is closed, so the man of the house goes out to find a solution. After a bit of an odyssey, which includes coming across a bunch of mermaids, a fat little dog, and a pretty housekeeper with mischievous eyes, the Spidsmejers luckily get their promised roast hare.

The role of Mr. Nokkesen is played by Frederik Buch, who made his film debut in 1908. At the beginning of his career, he was mostly given small roles and asked to play extras, but Lau Lauritzen Sr. noticed Buch’s distinctive appearance and made him a regular member of his comic ensemble. Around 1920 he travelled to Germany and became known as “Knoppchen”.

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