A Lively Night

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1916, 9 min
FRAGMENT | Petersen has forgotten his gentlemen’s club-appointment and has to employ every trick to escape from home unseen. Mrs. Petersen watches over him like a hawk, and he only gets respite as he starts faking a toothache. Coincidentally, the shoemaker drops by and agrees to take Petersen’s place discreetly so that the appointment can be kept. The plan works beyond all expectations, until the police mistake Petersen’s return home for a burglary.

The film has Danish intertitles. The preserved fragment lacks the beginning and the end. Read the full plot in the cinema programme.

Frederik Buch plays the role of the shoemaker. Buch was an apprentice painter, but began performing as a cabaret and show singer with his supposedly beautiful singing voice, which of course is not preserved on silent film. He debuted at Nordisk Films Kompagni in 1908 performing minor roles, but was discovered by the comedy director Lau Lauritzen Sr., who noticed Buch’s comedic talent – not only in his small, rotund stature, but also in his attitude as an impertinent jester. Buch starred in around 200 silent films and is therefore the actor with the second most roles in the period, surpassed only by Lauritz Olsen.

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