The Umbrella Shop

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1916, 14 min
Mr Holm, an umbrella manufacturer, is haunted by the name ‘Bech’, which he suddenly appears everywhere in his home. Holm is convinced that Bech – the famous theatre actor – is courting his wife. In fact, he is almost right. The actor Bech fancies the employee in Holm’s umbrella shop. But the confusion does not end here: Holm’s maid is also in love with a man called Bech – the local butcher’s apprentice. Will Holm figure it all out?

The film has Dutch intertitles with Danish subtitles.

Frederik Buch plays the role of Holm. Originally trained as a house painter, Buch began to perform as a cabaret and show singer with his reportedly beautiful singing voice, which of course has not been preserved in his silent films. He had his debut at Nordisk Films Kompagni in 1908 in small roles, but was discovered by the comedy director Lau Lauritzen Sr., who saw Buch’s comic talent – not only due to his small, rotund stature, but also in his attitude as a cheeky rascal. Buch appeared in around 200 silent films, making him the second most used actor in the period, surpassed only by Lauritz Olsen – who plays the actor Bech in the film.

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