Nelly's Knights

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1919, 16 min
Three bachelors vow to ban women from their fraternity – and immediately break their promise when Nelly needs help. Nelly’s father, the champion boxer Bømann, doesn’t approve of her engagement to her boyfriend Tobby. She runs away from home in protest and seeks refuge with the three bachelors. After Bømann tracks down Nelly’s hiding place, it’s all down to a matter of how much of a beating the three unlikely rescuers can take before Tobby comes to the rescue.

The film has French intertitles with Danish subtitles.

Frederik Buch plays the role of bachelor Mikkelsen. Buch was an apprentice painter, but began performing as a cabaret and show singer with his supposedly beautiful singing voice, which of course is not preserved on silent film. He debuted at Nordisk Films Kompagni in 1908 performing minor roles, but was discovered by the comedy director Lau Lauritzen Sr., who noticed Buch’s comedic talent – not only in his small, rotund stature, but also in his attitude as an impertinent jester. Buch starred in around 200 silent films and is therefore the actor with the second most roles in the period, surpassed only by Lauritz Olsen.