The Chicken Chaser

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1921, 10 min
Bastian is an unrelenting skirt-chaser who is never put off by a rejection. Unfortunately for Bastian, the women of his city seem resistant to his charms. And unfortunately for the women of his city, Bastian can’t seem to take a hint. However, a young woman is surprisingly receptive and hands Bastian a note: “Meet me at Basse’s Confectionary at five o’clock”. Is there finally hope for Bastian – or for the four other gentlemen, who, suspiciously, have also turned up right on time?

The film has English intertitles with Danish subtitles. Parts of the preserved film appears somewhat damaged.

Frederik Buch plays the role of the skirt-chaser Bastian. Buch was an apprentice painter, but began performing as a cabaret and show singer with his supposedly beautiful singing voice, which of course is not preserved on silent film. He debuted at Nordisk Films Kompagni in 1908 performing minor roles, but was discovered by the comedy director Lau Lauritzen Sr., who noticed Buch’s comedic talent – not only in his small, rotund stature, but also in his attitude as an impertinent jester. Buch starred in around 200 silent films and is therefore the actor with the second most roles in the period, surpassed only by Lauritz Olsen.