Naughty boy

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1915, 13 min
A stingy uncle is taught a lesson when he is tricked into adopting a grown man instead of a ten-year-old kid. When aspiring poet Karl King is engaged to ballerina Mimi, he falls into disfavour with his benefactor: his uncle. The uncle threatens to adopt an orphan boy as an heir instead. However, in a comic plot, King’s adult brother-in-law takes on the role of a ten-year-old adopted son and displays his most mischievous side!

The film has Danish intertitles.

Between 1914 and 1919, director Lau Lauritzen Sr. made more than 200 films for Nordisk Film. Lauritzen’s speciality was short and precise comedies, which featured many of the same actors, including Frederik Buch, Oscar Stribolt, Carl Schenstrøm and more. ‘Naughty Boy’ is a prime example of a comedy by Lau Lauritzen Sr.

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