Strength and Beauty

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1928, 78 min
Although the twins Flora and Dora attend the School of Sculpture, their real calling lies in gymnastics. They decide to open an “Institute of Strength and Beauty”, which does not go down well with Uncle Brown, who finances their numerous business adventures. When he announces his arrival in town and demands to see the results from the School of Sculpture, they find themselves in a predicament. Fortunately, the twins meet two scruffy men – none other than Fyrtårnet and Bivognen (Pat & Patachon) – who agree to be covered in chalk and act as statues for the uncle. And it won’t be the last time that the two friends help the twins.

The film is part of Lau Lauritzen Sr.’s popular Fy and Bi series, which was Danish film’s biggest export success throughout the 1920s. The film was released again with sound in 1956 together with Detectives under the title Fuld af Fiduser (which translates as Full of Tricks). This version has Danish intertitles.

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