One Lover Too Many

Johannes Meyer, 1924, 58 min
Baron Preben is an unfortunate man – at least when it comes to the ladies. He has long waited for an opportunity to declare his true feelings for his good friend Ida. So when a romantic rival shows up during Midsummer celebrations, Preben has to propose sooner than he would like. One thing’s for sure – before the end of Midsummer, Preben and Ida will be engaged, but not to whom they expect.

The film has Danish intertitles.

Director Johannes Meyer is best known for his acting. However, he did direct two Danish films, ‘Smiles and Tears’ (1923) and ‘One Lover Too Many’ (1924) the following year. Both his films feature a so-called jump scare towards the end. Meyer made a name for himself as the tyrant at home in Carl Th. Dreyer’s ‘Master of the House’ (1925), and stuck to acting for the rest of his career.

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