Raphael, the Gypsy

Ubekendt, 1914, 61 min
A baby’s christening turns into a nightmare when Baron and Baroness von Wilhjelm’s young son is kidnapped by travellers. Mother and son are reunited after 20 years apart, when the band of travellers sets up camp at the very same estate where the Baroness resides. Raphael, as he is now named, has become a handsome young man, whom women swoon over. He is caught in the middle of an intense battle for his affections between the Count’s daughter Inger and the traveller girl Zelma. The Baroness, who is still none the wiser that the man in front of her is her own son, is concerned about the love affair blossoming between her niece and the dangerous traveller.

The film has German intertitles and Danish subtitles.

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