The Dock Catastrophe

Vilhelm Glückstadt, 1913, 23 min
FRAGMENT | Gernau, a successful engineer, is married to a younger woman, Anna. Their marriage is fraught with jealousy, with Anna still being wooed by her former sweetheart. When an accident occurs at the inauguration of his life’s work, The Dock, Gernau’s world collapses. He loses his mind and is admitted to a mental hospital. As he gradually returns to his former self, an old obsession stirs: is Anna faithful to him?

The surviving footage comprises only a fragment of the original film and has no intertitles. The plot is difficult to follow, but the fragment does contain two of the film’s sensational scenes: a fire and the flooding of the Dock. A summary of the full plot can be read in the film’s programme below.

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