The Daughter of Darkness

Kay van der Aa Kühle, 1917, 20 min
FRAGMENT | Once again, the Daughter of Darkness has been put behind bars for yet another one of her infamous crimes. But help is on its way: Her assistant ties a string with a piece of coal and paper to a snake's tale and sends the glistening predator up the drainpipe to the prison window. The Daughter of Darkness informs her helper about the time and place for her imminent transferral to another prison, and when the plans work out, the underground mastermind is off to new adventures.

The film is part of a series of four independent works produced by Filmfabrikken Denmark from 1915-1917. This is a fragment from the fourth film in the series. A summary of the full plot can be read in the film’s programme below.

English subtitles.

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