His Wife, the Unknown

Benjamin Christensen, 1923, 77 min
A young artist, Wilbur, has lost his eyesight in the war, and there is only a very faint hope of him ever being able to see again. He has never forgotten a mysterious woman whom he sheltered many years ago. With the help of a woman named Eva, Wilbur’s mother manages to find the mystery woman, but she turns out to be a most unsuitable candidate for becoming her daughter-in-law. Believing that Eva is the missing woman, Wilbur falls in love with her, and the two embark on a romantic relationship. But will Wilbur still love Eva when he finds out she is not the woman he met all those years ago? And will he even know who she is if he were to regain his sight?

Director Benjamin Christensen is famous for his play with light and shadows. Danish cinematographer Frederik Fuglsang has shot the film.

The film only has Danish intertitles.