Children of the Stage

Bjørn Bjørnson, 1913, 0 min
MOST WANTED | The film features the actor and later film director Bodil Ipsen in her first film role. It also features Benjamin Christensen, who in 1913 was on the verge of making a name for himself as a multi-faceted talent in the film industry, and the Norwegian actor Aud Egede-Nissen, who later enjoyed an illustrious career in Germany with her own production company.

A ménage à trois in the theatre: the young, celebrated actress Leonie is happily married to her much older colleague Walther. But their idyllic life is shattered when Leonie starts an affair with the young, handsome Charles, even though he has supposedly given his heart to Dora. Jealousy seethes in Walther when he hears about his wife’s unfaithfulness, while Dora becomes enflamed with a furious lust for vengeance that has fatal consequences.

Children of the Stage is the first-ever film made by the production company Dania Biofilm Kompagni, and the newspaper reviews of its premiere at Paladsteateret in Copenhagen certainly suggest that it was very favourably received. For example, Politiken describes the film’s plot as "terrifically exciting" and further notes that Bodil Ipsen has succeeded in "transferring the feminine charm of her being to cinematic photography". You can browse the film’s programme and photographs below.