Miss Theodor

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1918, 13 min
Baron Dandy has a weakness for young girls. Almost every day he stands in front of the local housekeeping school and waits for the bell to ring so he can admire the flocks of female students. Grete in particular seems to have caught his eye and he follows her every day on the journey home. One day, Grete has enough of her old stalker and her older brother offers to teach Baron Dandy a lesson. Dressed as a woman, “Miss Theodor” seduces the sleazy baron, who unwittingly trudges deeper and deeper into the lion’s den.

The title role is played by Arne Weel, who made his debut in 1908 and from that point on had a long career as a stage artist, film actor and director, and theatre and cinema director. The high point of his career was in the Scala revues of the 1920s, when he became the celebrated operetta hero of the whole of Copenhagen.

'Miss Theodor' wasn’t Weel’s first cross-dressing role. In 1914, he starred in the spoof comedy 'The Fourth Lady', which unfortunately hasn’t been preserved. The film only has Danish intertitles.

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