The Girls from Cafe Maxim

Unknown, 1911, 15 min
Three troublemakers, one clumsy maid and the strictest madam in town – everything is as usual at the “Peace and Quiet” boarding house. That is, until the madam of the house grows tired of the maid and authorises her three boarders to find her a replacement while she’s visiting a friend. After a wild night out, the three gentlemen return with three cute girl under their arms. When madam returns home earlier than expected, all three troublemakers come up with the same brilliant cock-and-bull story – that their girl is the new maid.

This film has Spanish intertitles and Danish subtitles.

The film has an identical premise to a later silent film: ‘A Lively Boarding-House’ (1917), also produced by Nordisk Film. Was this a case of inspiration, self-plagiarism or was it a so-called “remake”?

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