The Barber''s Baby''s Christening

Viggo Larsen, 1908, 2 min
FRAGMENT | It’s the day of the barber’s baby’s christening, and the guests start arriving with their flowers and gifts, dropping them off while the barber is still trying to see to his last customer. As it’s taking a while, the wet-nurse is asked to take the baby on a short walk before the ceremony begins. She comes across a handsome young soldier, who she strikes up a conversation with. When an even more handsome man passes by, she hands the baby to the soldier. He has to return to the barracks, so he finds someone to leave the baby with. As time passes, the party start to wonder where the baby is. Fortunately, the baby has been handed in at the police station, where the parents reunite with their child.

Unfortunately, only the first few scenes of the film, of the guests arriving at the barber shop, have been preserved. The rest of the plot has been documented in a German report from 1908. The fragment has no intertitles.

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