Love and Burglars

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1921, 30 min
The merchant Blomberg is out in the countryside with his daughters and housekeeper when the idyll is suddenly shattered. The daughters head off to have fun with two young guys from Copenhagen who are on a road trip, and the vagabonds Pat and Patachon seize the chance to interfere for their own gain.

The preserved material is the original Swedish version titled 'Landsvägsriddare', translated to 'Tyvepak' in Danish. The film was a huge economic success to the then Swedish owned production company Palladium. It is the first film, in which Pat and Patachon appear as a team, although not in their final constellation: As always, Pat is played by Carl Schenstrøm, whereas Patachon is embodied by Aage Bendixen instead of Harald Madsen. There is another 'Tyvepak' from 1915, which is directed by Lau Lauritzen Sr. as well. This film is a heavily revised version of the 1915-film.

English intertitles.

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