Love in the Tropics

August Blom, 1912, 33 min
The young Englishman Cecil Brown lives and works on a tea plantation in India. When he is about to set off to London on leave, his Indian girlfriend Profula wants to go with him. He refuses even though she begs him. Only when she threatens to take her own life if they do not immediately get married and travel together to London does he give in. Their early days together as a married couple in London are pure happiness, but soon problems arise.

Profula and Cecil are played by the married couple Edith and Valdemar Psilander.

The preserved material is from Library of Congress’ Paper Print Collection, where paper copies of films were submitted for copyright reasons. Since a paper print is not screening material, the picture quality is not optimal. The film contains Danish intertitles (no English subtitles).

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