A Woman's Honour

Einar Zangenberg, 1913, 35 min
Marie, the daughter of a pastor, and major Trolle are young and in love, and they seem destined to become engaged. Everything is coming up roses when a serpent enters this Paradise. Trolle’s close friend, Hoffmann, begins making passes at Marie, and even in the face of consistent rejections he remains tireless in his pursuit. When he assaults Marie one evening, Trolle surprises them and mistakenly thinks they are having an affair. Marie is deeply hurt by Trolle’s distrust of her, so she leaves him quietly and finds employment at the Scala Theatre. When she is to perform some time later, Hoffmann is present – as is Trolle, who has realised his mistake. When she receives an ingratiating message from Hoffmann, she makes an impulsive and fateful decision.

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