A Voice from the Past

Holger-Madsen, 1916,
MOST WANTED | The preserved photographs testify to innovative visuals with expressive camera angles and beautiful compositions. In addition, the plot of the film centres on a fascinating subject: spiritism.

When Mrs. Walken's husband dies, she seeks out the medium Dr Kinley, who is reportedly able to make contact with the dead. Kinley, however, turns out to be a vile fraud who unscrupulously cheats his gullible clients. When he takes a shine to Walken’s daughter, he dresses up as the ghost of the deceased husband and forbids Mrs Walker to let her daughter marry her intended. Luckily for everyone, the daughter’s boyfriend suspects Kinley of deception and exposes him in front of everyone.

A brief review in Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende praises the film for its ‘effective visuals’ and also notes that ‘the execution includes a few unusual elements’. Carl Alstrup is said to perform well in the role of hero (boyfriend), while newcomer Vibeke Krøyer (Walken’s daughter) is "not yet quite familiar with the techniques of film (…) But that may well come later". Delve into the film’s programme and still photographs below.