The Woman Tempted Me

Holger-Madsen, 1916, 11 min
FRAGMENT | Who murdered the film star? The director is accused, the motive is jealousy, but the film is the alibi. As film director Franz declares his love for Ilse, his star actress, she bluntly rejects him. Movie star Ferdinand overhears the private exchange of words and can’t resist a few well-meaning jokes which infuriate Franz. When Ferdinand is found murdered the following morning, Franz thus becomes the prime suspect. Ilse is the only one who believes that Franz is innocent. And she might know a film reel that can prove it.

This film has Spanish intertitles and Danish subtitles. The preserved fragment lacks the beginning and the end. Read the full plot in the cinema programme.

Franz is played by Norwegian Alf Blütecher. He started his career as a theatre actor and was employed by Nordisk Film between 1913 and 1919. He was one of the company’s leading hero profiles and starred in more than 60 films.

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