The Road to Happiness

Holger-Madsen, 1918, 28 min
Peter Niemand, a blacksmith by trade, is prone to drink and has something of a bad reputation with his comrades and his employer alike. One day, the factory owner is finally fed up with the lazy worker, giving him one last chance to change his ways. If not, he will be fired. Seized by a fierce desire for revenge, Niemand decides to burn down the factory. But before he can put his plans into action, he falls asleep, and in his dream he sees himself in the place of his employer. Can these visions help make Peter Niemand a better person?

The surviving footage lacks the film’s dramatic ending, in which a disgruntled worker burns down manufacturer Niemand’s house, where the family’s child lies sleeping. The ending is described in the film’s programme.

No English subtitles available.

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