Mirrors of the Soul

A.W. Sandberg, 1921, 79 min
When the rich man’s son Egil falls in love with the poor showgirl Rigi, his family is sceptical. They think that she’s not a good match for him, and perhaps they’re right. Just as the young couple’s fortunes are on the up, the bride-to-be disappears without a trace, and Egil is plagued by doubt: Was Rigi his true love, or was he just blinded by her beautiful yet mysterious maiden eyes?

The main role of Egil is played by Norwegian Gunnar Tolnæs, who was Nordisk Film’s biggest star after Valdemar Psilander left the company. Kate Riise plays Rigi in the film, but she went by the stage name Maiken Katja because for this role she had to appear in a leotard. The film only has Danish intertitles.