A Lonely Woman

August Blom, 1917, 30 min
Professor Bjørn has spent years and months developing a serum against cancer. When he finally succeeds, he pays for it with his life – the professor’s assistant Jakobsen kills Bjørn to get hold of the valuable formula. The hunt then moves onto the professor’s daughter Rosa, who is the only one left who knows how to develop the serum. When she suffers amnesia in connection with an accident, the recipe seems to have been lost. However, Rosa’s subconscious mind hides more secrets than she realises herself.

The daughter Rosa is played by Betty Nansen, a great theatre star, who was hired by Nordisk Film in 1911. The company’s director Ole Olsen hoped she would become the next big film diva, but it didn’t quite work out that way. Betty starred in only ten films in Denmark, and subsequently five in the US before she returned to the theatre.

The film only has Danish intertitles.

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