The White Slave Trade

August Blom, 1910, 33 min
Anna, a young girl from a poor but honest household, is offered an attractive position as a lady's companion in London. Her childhood friend is worried, but she goes anyway. To Anna's horror, the "distinguished house" turns out to be a brothel and her first customer soon awaits her. She manages to smuggle a letter for her parents out of the country, but what she doesn't know is that her childhood friend Georg is already on his way to save her. Will Anna ever escape the white slave trade?

This film is a brazen, setup-for-setup rip-off of an identically titled film, 'Den hvide Slavehandel', made in the spring of 1910 by the film company Fotorama in Denmark's second-largest city, Aarhus. The Fotorama version was the first Danish feature-length film (3 reels), and it was phenomenally successful. Nordisk wanted in on the action, and they simply plagarized the film, scoring a huge hit outside Denmark.

The film has Danish intertitles.

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