The Fourth Lady

Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen, 1914, 0 min
MOST WANTED | Based on the preserved information, the film might be a forgotten queer gem: a comedy in the vein of Tootsie featuring Arne Weel in women’s clothes.

For his regiment’s 50th anniversary, Colonel Meyerink’s plans include an equestrian quadrille performed by teams of ladies and gentlemen. When he needs a fourth lady to make up the women’s team, Lieutenant Wolff is quick to promise that his sister, Leoni, will take part – without, however, having asked her first. She turns out to have other plans, so to save face Wolff must persuade his friend Felix to dress up and come as Leoni. The situation is further complicated when, on the train journey to the regimental celebrations, the disguised Felix meets Leoni, who has decided to come anyway.

In addition to Arne Weel, who looks absolutely smashing in a nipped-waist dress and high heels, the cast includes names such as Karen Sandberg and Carl Alstrup.