Three Men and a Maid

Lau Lauritzen Sr., 1915, 11 min
Three suitors swarm the singer Adelaide, two of which own millions, while the last one owns naught but wit. Miss Adelaide is offered a lucrative tour in America, but her contract already binds her to Europe. Only a hypothetical husband could cancel the Europe tour. Together with her suitors, Adelaide devises a plan – a marriage with an eight-day trial period with a handsome dowry! But neither millionaire will let the other one marry her. They both turn to the third man, Robert, whom they consider harmless. After the trial period, it turns out that no money will sway Robert’s love.

The film has Italian intertitles with Danish subtitles. The preserved fragment lacks a part of the end. Read the full plot in the cinema programme.

Robert is played by Norwegian Alf Blütecher. He started his career as a theatre actor and was employed by Nordisk Film Kompagni between 1913 and 1919. He was one of the company’s leading hero profiles and starred in more than 60 films.

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