The Spider’s Prey

August Blom, 1916, 26 min
FRAGMENT | The titular villain is an infamous international criminal, Mrs Valentin Kempel, known as “The Predator Spider” due to her habit of ensnaring innocent victims in her web. Men are enchanted by her, and she uses this to coerce them into taking part in her criminal activities. When one of her victims takes his own life, the victim’s brother and a detective decide to put an end to the beautiful criminal’s reign of terror. But The Hunting Spider does not give in so easily – and she is not afraid to use unsporting tricks against her new opponents.

Only approximately one third of the original film survives. The intertitles have not been translated, but all of the Danish intertitles and the film’s programme can be accessed by clicking the download boxes at the bottom of the page. A summary of the full plot can be read in the film’s programme below.

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