The Rejuvenation Treatment

Robert Storm Petersen, 1921, 8 min
A scientist has invented a serum that transforms the old into young and the old into new. His first subject – a very old man – gets a single injection and gradually turns into a baby. Meanwhile, three little men have stolen the syringe with the rejuvenation treatment, which they now give to men and livestock in dire need of it.

Robert Storm Petersen’s '3 små mænd' (three little men), who from the beginning of the 1910s had their own comic strip in various daily newspapers, turned into living pictures in 'Øen' (which translates as The Island), 'En Ande-Historie' (A Duck Tale, also known as 'Gåsetyven', which translates as The Goose Thief), 'Foryngelseskuren' (which translates as The Rejuvenation Treatment) and 'Klarinetspilleren' (which translates as The Clarinet Player, from 1920) and 'Jernmiksturen' (which translates as The Iron Mixture, from 1921).

The film contains Danish intertitles.

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