The Failure

Viggo Larsen, 1907, 5 min
FRAGMENT | The film is incomplete and there are no preserved programmes which explain the story. The fragment consists of the following scenes: Scene 1: An older and a younger man are talking in a living room. Scene 2: The young man is courting a woman and is rejected on account of another suitor. Scene 3: The older man receives a telegram about a shipwreck. The news almost drives him to take his own life. Scene 4: The two men are now standing outside a shop and seem happy again. A woman is sitting with a child on her lap, perhaps belonging to the young man and the woman he previously pursued.

The film was directed by Viggo Larsen, who, as far as we know, directed all films for Denmark’s first film company, Nordisk Films Kompagni, in the period between 1906 and 1909. Viggo Larsen also plays the young man in the film. The film doesn't have subtitles.


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