Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen, 1912, 31 min
A beautiful but eccentric countess amuses herself by subjecting her numerous suitors to silly tests. Most men turn into frenzied dogs in the company of the countess, but there’s one who behaves differently in quite a lascivious way. Chas Burns isn’t easily ordered around and won’t hesitate to do anything to get his way. Not even when it turns out that a death ride on the rails is the only direct route to success and the countess’ cunning heart.

With the films Vanquished and The Modern Girl from the same year, director Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen created a new film genre: the erotic comedy. Both films feature the period’s favourite first hero of romance Valdemar Psilander in a leading role, and in this one he plays opposite Else Frölich, another cherished actress of the 1910s.

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