The Little Bugler

Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen, 1909, 9 min
When war breaks out between Denmark and Germany in 1848, Christian from poor Nyboder is hired as a bugler. Zealous and proud, he leaves Copenhagen with his old father and cousins Orla and Frants to defend Schleswig against the German enemy. One day, Christian takes on the dangerous task of delivering a depeche about a German attack on the line of defence near Egå – a trip full of obstacles and grim revelations.

The film is an interpretation of H.P. Holst’s famous poem from and about the Three Years’ War. The title role was played by debutante Christel Holch, who was employed by Århus Theatre at the time. After a few roles at Fotorama in Aarhus, she was hired by Nordisk Film and, among other things, got to play opposite the company’s biggest star, Valdemar Psilander, in 'Love’s Devotee '(1914). The film only has Danish intertitles.

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