The Heir to Skjoldborg

Alfred Cohn, 1914, 50 min
Count Adam sends his son Jørgen abroad to thwart his relationship with Grete, a common miller’s daughter. On the trip, Jørgen is captivated by the exotic Baroness Tarnowa. When news reaches him that Grete has had a stillborn child, he considers his commitment over and proposes to the baroness. But as it soon turns out, Jørgen has been led astray.

The film's dramatic ending is lost. The preserved program reveals, that Jørgen and Grete are reunited with their little son, while the Baroness, who has turned out to be a snake, flees with her new lover after helping him with some shady spy-business. The two villains' boat suddenly explodes when Grete and Jørgen's son coincidentally turns a mysterious wheel in the mill tower, where the spy-lover stayed. At the same time, a deadly fire breaks out and blocks all the exits. Fortunately, everyone makes it out alive, so that happiness can finally return to the castle.

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