A Fatal Lie

August Blom, 1911, 38 min
Doctor Willy Prager’s long, selfless office hours come at the expense of his attention-seeking fiancée. During a garden party, Willy is summoned to an ill child’s bedside and leaves his fiancée Erna in the hands of his faithful friend Alfred. Out of sheer boredom, Erna tries to kiss Alfred, but the loyal friend rejects her. Erna feels devastated and lies to Willy that it was Alfred who tried to seduce her. However, Alfred refuses to tarnish Erna’s honour and tacitly accepts when Willy challenges him to a duel.

The film has Dutch intertitles with Danish subtitles. Parts of the film appear damaged.

Valdemar Psilander plays the role of Doctor Willy Prager. Psilander’s acting career took off around 1910 and he quickly became world famous with 83 films recorded over six years. Nordisk Films Kompagni marketed Psilander as one of the first global stars in film history and director Ole Olsen personally made sure to spread false rumours about the jealous ex-lovers’ assassination attempts on Psilander’s life. In 1917, he was found dead in his hotel room at the age of 32. Read more about Psilander in our theme ‘The Whole World’s Valdemar’ here on the site.